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TURKEY TAIL MUSHROOM TINCTURE improves cytokine production, the capacity of the natural killer cells, which safeguard the body against bacteria & viruses. It also strengthens the spleen, stomach & lungs & assists with recovery from for leaky gut, IBS, Crohn's, autism & viral infections such as influenza. As a bonus it excites the hormones and increases natural energy levels. Turkey tail contains one of the highest amounts of beta-glucans of all mushrooms to help keep our immune systems healthy when used over an extended period of time. In several Japanese clinical studies, Turkey Tail extended survival rates of people who had breast cancer, lung cancer, cancer of colon-rectum, cancer of the esophagus and prostate cancer. Turkey Tail Mushroom was so successful in exhibiting medicinal properties that it was approved by Japan‘s Ministry of Health and Welfare, to be used as a significant cancer treatment. Turkey Tail Mushroom exhibited not only anti-tumor, but also anti-inflammation and antiviral effects, as well. It also fights serious liver problems, like chronic active hepatitis and hepatitis B.

MUSCLE RELIEF CREAM is made using all natural ingredients. It is formulated to aid in the temporary and long-term relief of sore muscles and joints. Peppermint, Wintergreen, Camphor and Menthol essential oils help cool the skin and relieve aches while the Crystalline nano magnesium penetrates the skin to go deep in the muscles and joints to help heal inflammation and muscle cramps. Low magnesium (Mg) status has been associated with numerous conditions characterized as having a chronic inflammatory stress component. Some findings indicate that a moderate Mg deficiency, may enhance inflammatory or oxidative stress induced by other factors, including disrupted sleep/sleep deprivation. 58% of people consume less than the US. Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) for Mg. Consuming less than the EAR was associated with a significantly higher BMI and plasma C-reactive protein (CRP) concentration. Mg depletion has been shown to be present in about one half of all ICU patients! These patients have significantly higher morbidity and mortality rate. Manifestations of Mg deficiency include hypokalemia, hypocalcemia, neuromuscular hyperexcitability, respiratory muscle weakness, and intractable arrhythmias. Mg deficiency may also play a role in the genesis of myocardial ischemia.